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Jupiter And Saturn’s Great Conjunction On Winter Solstice

December 21, 2020 The Day Of Great Conjunction Of Jupiter And Saturn.

Today Google shared a cute Google Doodle about “Winter Solstice Great Conjunction”.

Watch this video of NASA about “How to See Saturn and Jupiter’s Great Conjunction” :

Also watch this interesting video “Look for the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn NOW” of AstroBackyard’s YouTube channel :

Astrophysicist believes that this is a rare astronomical event in our solar system in the space and also this is a event which is once in a lifetime for Human to see. And all the Astrologers also believes that this is a great conjunction in astrology for the world.

See some interesting tweets about this #GreatConjuntion :

The tweet of official account of Google Doodle (@GoogleDoodles) :


Tweet of “Dave Nussbaum” (@Dave_Nussbaum) on Twitter :


They shared info about next chance to see Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.

Tweet of Oxford Sparks (@OxfordSparks) :


Share your thoughts about this great conjunction and also share links interesting articles, videos and images in the comment box.

Enjoy This Rare Universal Event.

Enjoy The Web.

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