Amazon Climate Environment

Bezos’ Earth Fund

Bezos’s Earth Fund

Jeff Bezos owner of will donate $10 Billion for the climate change.

On Monday Jeff Bezos announced list of first 16 beneficiaries environmental organizations.

Read his Instagram post about Bezos’ Earth Fund :

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NASA Space

NASA’s spacecraft Osiris-Rex lands on asteroid Bennu

Watch NASA’s spacecraft Osiris-Rex landed on the asteroid Bennu to collect samples from it. Watch the live streamed video :

Also watch official video of NASA about spacecraft Osiris-Rex :

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Apple Events iPhone

Apple Event October 13, 2020

If you are an Apple fanboy or an Apple fangirl then this video is for you. Watch the Apple Event on October 13, 2020 about iPhone 12 launch and launch of other cool Apple products.

Watch the full video of Apple Event October 13 :

Video Of Official YouTube Channel Of Apple

Watch the iPhone 12 launch event and also read about other newly launched apple products on Apple’s official website :

There are four different models of iPhone 12 launched in this event :

(1). iPhone 12 Mini
Size : 5.4-inch
Resolution : 2340 x 1080

(2). iPhone 12
Size : 6.1-inch
Resolution : 2532×1170

(3). iPhone 12 Pro
Size : 6.1-inch
Resolution : 2532×1170

(4). iPhone 12 Max Pro
Size : 6.7-inch
Resolution : 2778×1284

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